Chilkat Xojo Plugin

for Windows, Linux, ARMv7, and Mac OS X.

Note: The next version of Chilkat to be released will support Apple Silicon. A working pre-release can be obtained by sending email to


v9.5.0.84 28-Sep-2020sha256: 30ef387867c13984abb05a17c01dea908f29665b79216bcb4b7e331ca9d97ac7
Chilkat Xojo Plugin

Getting Started Instructions

  1. Download the chilkat.xojo_plugin to any directory.
  2. If the file downloaded as "", rename to "chilkat.xojo_plugin".
  3. Close the Xojo IDE if it is running.
  4. Copy the chilkat.xojo_plugin file to the Xojo Plugins directory. For example, on Windows it might be C:\Program Files (x86)\Xojo\Xojo 2015r4\Plugins
  5. Start the Xojo IDE. The Chilkat Xojo plugin is installed.
  6. Reference Documentation: Chilkat Xojo Plugin Reference Documentation
  7. Example Code: Chilkat Xojo Plugin Example Code
  8. Sample Projects: Chilkat Xojo Sample Projects on GitHub