Chilkat PureBasic Module

for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.


v9.5.0.82 26-Feb-2020MD5 Sum: c2883c46914bc1987e69814b41dec8b8
Chilkat PureBasic Module

Getting Started Instructions

  1. Download and unzip to any directory.
  2. The native Windows, Linux, and MacOS implementation are contained in the DLL, .so, and dylib files:
    • chilkatPb-9_5_0.dll (The Chilkat DLL for 64-bit Windows)
    • chilkatPb32-9_5_0.dll (The Chilkat DLL for 32-bit Windows)
    • libchilkatPb-9_5_0.dylib (The Chilkat dylib for MacOSX)
    • (The Chilkat shared library for 64-bit Linux)
    • (The Chilkat shared library for 32-bit Linux)
  3. The Chilkat PureBasic modules are the .pb files beginning with "Ck". For example:
    • CkFtp2.pb
    • CkEmail.pb
    • CkImap.pb
    • CkSsh.pb
    • ...
  4. Example Code: Chilkat PureBasic Module Example Code
  5. Reference Documentation: Chilkat PureBasic Module Reference Documentation
  6. Important: If your code using Chilkat crashes on your first try, it is because the native libary (.so, .dll, or .dylib) could not be found by the operating system. See this Chilkat Forum post for information: PureBasic OpenLibrary Failed
  7. Note:If your PureBasic application is a shared DLL, then make sure to call each Chilkat module's ckInitGlobal before using it. For example, for CkZip call CkZip::ckInitGlobal(). The call(s) to ckInitGlobal can be placed within the AttachProcess method of the DLL.