Chilkat C/C++ Libraries for Additional Linux Platforms

v9.5.0.93 19-Nov-2022sha256: b42abc3b4fd5ae3a4968f0cf87ac1ab9c321981c1ae4384faccf48907edd587a
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for mips64el Linux

v9.5.0.93 19-Nov-2022sha256: 826667f263f307a388bd0b89807d3ea2ea0ac6d438070d3799e06f3a2e6cc7ba
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for mips64 Linux

v9.5.0.93 19-Nov-2022sha256: c0354237aed4db1f6b3a83b749b38f460ef0e9adeb58f40d8a608978b162db35
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for mipsel Linux

v9.5.0.93 19-Nov-2022sha256: 870bf351383c4204ab61ae9a1f548c4c79710290820002f07c0625b4b83ccefa
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for mips Linux

v9.5.0.93 19-Nov-2022sha256: 0282e9fc0684ef8f22d99b71a59d9ffadc17a567dd6538efb913ab8091e7cda9
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for powerpc64 Linux

v9.5.0.93 19-Nov-2022sha256: 3970f4b2d8e202e9f776e9bbdf0ada03ef46a60018a65d83a542fc936adfe4da
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for powerpc64le Linux

v9.5.0.93 19-Nov-2022sha256: a7ee70500e3458ddd0acdf8da1a377d4facb80b44cbe6b63963caea90bae6391
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for powerpc Linux

v9.5.0.93 19-Nov-2022sha256: 7d1e35c90ab43bc185951e0c4cd487b0c8f325a91088400473c6637096c89bad
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for powerpc-gnuspe Linux

v9.5.0.93 19-Nov-2022sha256: f021adf951401a48ddf5bf146dedf593320c66ccde6d1086a162bbff3743cfbe
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for s390x Linux

v9.5.0.93 19-Nov-2022sha256: 2f82cbed1a618503c2cf2764a3129fe439dd92ac46e8e095bf17b9e35600436a
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for sparc64 Linux

How to Use

  1. Download and extract to any directory.
  2. C/C++ headers (.h) are located in the include directory.
  3. The C/C++ static lib (.a) and shared lib (.so) are located in the lib directory.

PowerPC Builds

The powerpc64 build has been confirmed to work on the following systems:

  • Apple Power G5 Dual
  • Power5 9111-520
  • Power6 8203-e4a
  • Power7 8205-e6d
  • The powerpc64 build should work on many more 64-bit powerpc computers. The above lists a few that have been confirmed.

The powerpc builds are respectively compiled with "-mcpu=powerpc64", "-mcpu=powerpc", and "-mcpu=powerpc64le".

30-Day Trial

The downloads on this page are the full-version Chilkat product downloads.
Chilkat components are fully functional for 30-day evaluations.

Release Notes

The release notes may be found here on the Chilkat blog.