Chilkat Lianja Extension

for Lianja 1.3 or greater, on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

* The Chilkat extension for Linux and Mac OS X will become available when Lianja is released for those platforms.


v9.5.0.92 12-Oct-2022MD5 Sum: c2c578473db7372bce09e409140799f6
Chilkat Lianja Extension

Install Instructions

  1. Download and save to the Lianja extensions directory. For example, save to C:\lianja\extensions.
  2. Unzip into the extensions directory. For example, if using 7-Zip: In Windows Explorer, right-click on and select "Extract Here". The files are unzipped into a new subdirectory named chilkatLianja-9.5.0.

    (Unzipping will not overwrite any files in the extensions directory. All files are unzipped to the chilkatLianja-9.5.0 subdirectory.)

    After unzipping, the directory structure should look like this:

  3. Edit the extensions.ini file and add library=chilkatLianja-9.5.0/chilkat.dll to the [windows] section:
  4. Restart Lianja. The Chilkat extension should now be loaded and available. For examples and documentation, see:
  5. Reference Documentation: Chilkat Lianja Extension Reference Documentation

    Example Code: Chilkat Lianja Extension Example Code