Chilkat for Python MAC OS X Install Instructions

Chilkat MAC OS X Python Downloads

Python Examples: Chilkat Python Examples

1. Download

Download the binary distribution and unpack to any directory. The download contains the following files:
Darwin (This is an empty file. The download is for this operating system.)
x86_64 (or i686, an empty file.  The download is for this processor architecture.)
2.7 (or 3.1, 3.2, etc.  This is an empty file. The download is for this version of Python.)

To unpack use "tar xzf". For example:

 tar xzf chilkat-9.5.0-python-2.7-macosx.tar.gz

When downloading on Mac OS X, the file may have been automatically decompressed. If so, then do this instead:

 tar xf chilkat-9.5.0-python-2.7-macosx.tar

2. Install to Local Site-Packages

Run the script to copy the and files to the site-packages directory.




3. Install to Global Site-Packages

Alternatively, to install to the global site-packages, use the -g option:

 sudo python -g


 sudo python3 -g

4. Test

Run the script to verify.




The contains the following Python code. It instantiates a few Chilkat objects and prints the Chilkat version.

import chilkat

# Create some Chilkat objects and print the versions

zip = chilkat.CkZip()
print("Zip: " + zip.version())

imap = chilkat.CkImap()
print("IMAP: " + imap.version())

ftp = chilkat.CkFtp2()
print("FTP: " + ftp.version())

mailman = chilkat.CkMailMan()
print("POP3/SMTP: " + mailman.version())

ssh = chilkat.CkSsh()
print("SSH: " + ssh.version())

sftp = chilkat.CkSFtp()
print("SFTP: " + sftp.version())

rsa = chilkat.CkRsa()
print("RSA: " + rsa.version())

http = chilkat.CkHttp()
print("RSA: " + http.version())

crypt = chilkat.CkCrypt2()
print("Crypt: " + crypt.version())

xml = chilkat.CkXml()
print("XML: " + xml.version())

sock = chilkat.CkSocket()
print("Socket/SSL/TLS: " + sock.version())

tar = chilkat.CkTar()
print("TAR: " + tar.version())