Chilkat for Java Windows Install Instructions

1. Download

Download the binary distribution and unzip to any directory.

Chilkat Java Downloads

The download contains the following files:


2. Run to Verify it Works

Run runTest.bat to verify that can be compiled and run. The program simply verifies that the chilkat.dll (a JNI dynamic library) can be loaded, that the Java class loader can load the Chilkat classes from the chilkat.jar, and that a Chilkat object can be instantiated.

3. Using System.load and System.loadLibrary to load a Native DLL

See: How to use System.loadLibrary to load a Java Native DLL on Windows

Note: To help resolve an UnsatisfiedLinkError Runtime Error, see How to Handle the UnsatisfiedLinkError Runtime Error in Java

4. classpath and using JAR archives

See: Java JAR Archives and classpath on Windows

5. 30-Day Trial for Commercial Classes

Chilkat's commercially licensed Java classes are fully-functional for a 30-day trial period. The UnlockBundle method should be called once at the beginning of a program. (See the Unlocking Chilkat examples.) The trial period automatically begins when a non-valid unlock code is used.

Note: The Chilkat Java library contains both freeware and commercially-licensed classes. Each class is noted as freeware or commercial in the online reference documentation.