Chilkat C/C++ Library Windows Mobile MSVC 2008

* For Windows Mobile 5.0 and Pocket PC 2003

v9.5.0.93 18-Nov-2022sha256: 0655fd412dd5f947ec501c982df80d6a7e08da3045b4d95ca233f6218c65d7c0
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for Mobile VC++ 9.0

This download is the full-version.
Chilkat libraries are automatically fully functional for 30-day evaluations.

Release Notes

The release notes are available on the Chilkat blog.


There is no actual install. The Chilkat C++ libraries are distributed as a .zip archive containing libraries (.lib) and headers (.h).


Note: Link with the following additional Microsoft libraries: crypt32.lib, Ws2.lib

Unicode Support

The Chilkat C++ libraries support Unicode in the form of utf-8 multibyte character strings. For more information see these pages:

Misdiagnosed Memory Leaks

C++ programmers often misdiagnose memory leaks with Chilkat. Please read the information here to understand the reason: Misdiagnosed C++ Memory Leaks