Chilkat C/C++ Library Downloads
for MinGW-w64 and TDM-GCC

(Qt and CodeBlocks on Windows would use these libs)

The downloads on this page are the full-versions.
Chilkat libraries/components are fully functional for 30-day evaluations.

Getting Started: Compiling and Linking

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: cf360bb3178edc23ad17f7c9923fe499cd85c43d21113c898fcc9f9e19194531
MinGW-w64 10.*.* x86_64

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: bfd8e326b0771375d3bc30712e45ae171ed58b14c4736767e5078567f072d3b1
MinGW-w64 10.*.* i686

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: d52a4fa5da944000e0e06ef71141cdd005e9c32935b09deb785d440d7ddf979b
MinGW-w64 9.*.* x86_64

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: 8e754c1a202380c1ea5dedcdf75e1e5613c1fcb2cb1bab19194e3451e3a3c63e
MinGW-w64 9.*.* i686

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: 7c1d87f0bc3b8e35d0722c2bb4405bf8caba6d1bc6e62d023278dd3c3049443d
MinGW-w64 8.*.* x86_64

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: 7c425caec39b43010dc2bf07b7f2ab58ac9a102b6360292f50bb7028c47f06b2
MinGW-w64 8.*.* i686

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: 5a8cd80fd538945160732292f50e22ebc8e2dd9744a80cf55aa9aba75d0a1557
MinGW-w64 7.*.* x86_64

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: 83b9b84c8ac55a5e25064578dfe126208b5436031196f8a83e841ecabf818135
MinGW-w64 7.*.* i686

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: 569dd67733c0216469c9b5c31810a6aa6a9d6fb020cbd8ba873cdf478280baf1
MinGW-w64 6.*.* x86_64

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: 2d56f8f0cb00643bf5e41610bf0be93b911ef1451084dd3e7bfb3432f005b01b
MinGW-w64 6.*.* i686

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: 66fbb58d7fd2bcd9470f70ac3ea8adefbe7b4b08d6a1618285df5d326da92ee8
Chilkat C/C++ libs for MinGW 4.9.2 64bit (typically used with QT 5.5/5.6)

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: f41c9d72fd6287593b5720bd7afb422dfd5dd8688e2168dd7f8343c10b5c66b9
Chilkat C/C++ libs for MinGW 4.9.2 32bit (typically used with QT 5.5/5.6)

TDM-GCC Downloads

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: 17ed6a1b3e1d9eaab76e7b74164d1f1509df412eab487378a8e7f591b25d7d30
TDM-GCC 10.3.0 64-bit

v9.5.0.96 28-Oct-2023sha256: 330a4210e4fa7d3dfdf50279491f4db044517aa77584bdee822cb41960643055
TDM-GCC 10.3.0 32-bit

Compiling and Linking

// Simple C++ Example

#include <stdio.h>	
#include "include/CkZip.h"

void ShowZipVersion(void)
	CkZip zip;	
	printf("Zip version: %s",zip.version());

int main(int argc, const char* argv[])
	return 0;

The -Wl,--enable-auto-import options may be required when linking. Also, link with libcrypt32.a, libws2_32.a, and libdnsapi.a as shown below:

g++ -Wl,--enable-auto-import linkSample.cpp -o"linkSample.exe" -L. -lchilkat-9.5.0
	-L/MinGW/lib -lcrypt32 -lws2_32 -ldnsapi
  • If compiling and linking a "C" program, use "gcc" to compile to produce a .o object (using the -c compiler option), and then use g++ to link with the Chilkat libraries. Chilkat requires the C++ runtime libs to be linked, and this is achieved by linking using g++.
  • The download contains sample scripts ( and for building a C and C++ tests. Before running, modify the directory path used in the "-L" option to the correct paths based on your installation.

Release Notes

The release notes are located on the Chilkat blog.

Unicode Support

The Chilkat C++ libraries support Unicode in the form of utf-8 multibyte character strings. For more information see these pages:

Misdiagnosed Memory Leaks

C++ programmers often misdiagnose memory leaks with Chilkat. Please read the information here to understand the reason: Misdiagnosed C++ Memory Leaks