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(5) Chilkat ActiveX Dependencies

The Chilkat ActiveX is written in Visual C++. It is compiled and linked using Visual Studio 2008, which corresponds to VC9.

  • The only dependency is that the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package must be installed.
  • On most computers, the VC++ 2008 redist is already present.
  • If using the 32-bit ActiveX, install the 32-bit VC9 redist from Microsoft.
  • If using the 64-bit ActiveX, install the 64-bit VC9 redist from Microsoft.
  • If the redist is not installed, the typical error is "application configuration is incorrect".
  • How does one automate the VC++ redist install if needed? This question is answered on Page 7 of this tutorial.

ActiveX Registration Tutorial - Page 4

ActiveX Registration Tutorial - Page 6


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