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Chilkat XML Objective-C Library
for IOS / MAC OS X (freeware)


Chilkat IOS (IPhone) Objective-C Libraries
Chilkat Cocoa/Objective-C Libraries

Note: The Chilkat Objective-C libraries contain both freeware and commercial classes. The CkoXml class is freeware.

XML Reference Documentation

Objective-C XML Library Features

  • Load/save XML files to an in-memory document object model (DOM).
  • Add name/value attribtes to nodes.
  • Compress nodes or entire sub-trees using in-memory Zip compression.
  • AES encrypt the content of a node.
  • Numerous methods for iterating over the nodes in a document.
  • Numerous methods for searching and sorting nodes in a document.
  • API designed to make it easy to do frequently encountered tasks when working with XML.
  • Makes it easy to handle binary data (such as image data) within XML files.

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