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Chilkat Ruby HTTP Library


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Ruby HTTP Client Library Features.

  • Send GET, POST, or HEAD requests to an HTTP server.
  • Supports SSL.
  • Can save cookies to a persistant XML-based file store.
  • Can automatically add cookies from a persistent file store to HTTP requests.
  • Sophisticated caching capabilities.
  • Cache can extend across multiple hard drives.
  • Supports Basic HTTP authentication (login/password).
  • Supports HTTP proxies.
  • Supports two caching algorithms: LMFactor and constant-freshness.
  • Can automatically follow redirects.
  • Provides read and connect timeout properties.
  • Allows for custom HTTP request headers to be added to any request.
  • Handles international (non-English) web pages including Asian and Middle Eastern languages.
  • Automatically manages a pool of connections with HTTP servers.
  • Can mimic FireFox or Internet Explorer.
  • Provides access to all HTTP response header fields.
  • Supports XMLHTTP.
  • Supports multipart/form-data for easy uploads to HTTP server.

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